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From scholarships to NATA student memberships, here is a list of resources that students, teachers and advisors can use to answer questions and provide support.

Scholarship Information

The NATA Research & Education Foundation Scholarship Program is one of the organization’s most highly regarded programs. Through 2023, the scholarship program has awarded more than $4.02 million to 1,972 students.

NATA Career Center

Whether you’re in the market for a job in athletic training or an employer looking for athletic trainers, NATA Career Center is the world’s largest, most comprehensive job listing service for ATs.

NATA Student Membership Benefits

By becoming an NATA student member, you’ll receive access to a plethora of benefits from discounts on the BOC exam application fee to mentorship. 



Using proper athletic training terminology helps eliminate confusion or inconsistencies when explaining the AT’s role in the health care arena.

Terminology Tips: 

  • "Athletic trainer" or "AT" are the preferred terms. NEVER use "trainer" or "certified trainer." 
  • Use AT as the abbreviation for athletic trainer. Use ATC only when referring to the credential.
  • Do not use ATC/L, ATC/R, LATC or any other combination of ATC, as the credential is trademarked.
  • NATA does not use the term “certified athletic trainers” unless the circumstance requires distinction. 
    List of AT Terms

NATA Study Guide

The NATA Study Guide for the BOC Exam offers invaluable assistance in preparing for the certification test. By completing two mock exams, you can pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses, enabling you to focus your preparation effectively. These exams not only expose you to the content of the BOC exam but also familiarize you with its unique format. This comprehensive study guide serves multiple purposes:

1. Facilitates the candidate's utilization of the BOC Practice Analysis for exam preparation.
2. Assesses the candidate's knowledge across various domains.
3. Enhances the candidate's understanding of the tasks outlined in the BOC Practice Analysis.
4. Provides a detailed performance report on the mock exams, highlighting areas of weakness that require further study.

Utilize the Study Guide for the BOC Exam to optimize your chances of success and ensure a thorough grasp of the exam material.

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