I Teach or Advise Secondary School Students

Welcome Secondary School Teachers

Here you'll find supplementary materials for your sports medicine classes and athletic training student aide clubs. If you have any suggestions on materials to include, please email ExMarketing@nata.org. Thank you. 

AT demonstrates for students.

Downloadable Handouts

Download and share these handouts with your athletic training sports medicine or student aide classes. The PowerPoint template is located in Canva, which is a free design platform. When you open the link, click "copy this template" and drag and drop your pictures or change text. When you are ready, click "Share," "Download" and in the format box, click .ppx to download in a presentation format. 

High School Athletic Training Student Aide/Sports Medicine Recruitment Toolbox

Tools to help you market your athletic training student aide/sports medicine program. The toolbox includes the following: 

• Social media posts you can customize
• Social media videos
• Customizable flyer
• Handouts on what an AT does and how to become one 

Access Toolbox

Athletic Training Student Aide Toolbox
Student learning to splint an arm.

NATA Athletic Training Student Aide Statement

This NATA statement provides support and guidance to school administrators and athletic trainers in the education and supervision of secondary school students enrolled in sports medicine courses or volunteering in secondary school athletic training programs. The goal of this statement is to continue to foster a positive, safe learning environment where students benefit from the instruction and observation of qualified health care professionals. View Statement

The AT Universe: Future, Past and Present

Learn about the past, present and future of athletic training - from the first athletic trainer to current AT profiles as well as the future demand for the profession.

At Your Own Risk

The At Your Own Risk is a website aims to educate employers, workers, legislators, school administrators, parents/guardians and student athletes about the value athletic trainers bring to the field, office and everyday life.

Secondary School Resources

NATA has developed resources specifically for ATs in the secondary school setting, such as the Secondary School Value Model, sports medicine course outline, statements and position papers. To access this page, you must be a member.